NAVITEQ operates its own GNSS reference network of basic stations, the first in Bulgaria. The GNSS stations continuously receive signals from the satellite systems GPS and GLONASS. The data from these observations are processed in a control centre and delivered to end users through NAVITEQ GNSS services. The services find application in professional fields such as geodesy, cadastre, construction, designing, GIS, utility, communications etc.

To develop our position as a leader in GNSS, geodata and navigation solutions for the Bulgarian market.

We aim to stimulate the adoption of these solutions for the benefit of our customers to improve work and enhance personal lives.

We believe in the power of technology.

We help customers to use geographic information to improve work and enhance personal lives.

We invest in such technology and work closely with our partners and customers to deliver real benefits.

Established at the end of 2005 SB Group Corporation trading as Naviteq develops its company resources in the field of GPS technologies.

The company develops and maintains its own network of active GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) reference stations, the first in Bulgaria

Based on the GNSS network, NAVITEQ provides services for precise position determination for data post processing and in real time.

NAVITEQ developes detailed digital map of Bulgaria. The map contain circumstantial data for road network, districts, municipalities, populated areas, hydrographic network, relief. 

We integrate unique for Bulgaria technologies to develop detailed digital maps of the Bulgarian cities with up-to-date address database and extensive data for Points Of Interest.

NAVITEQ navigates through Bulgaria. We launch a wide range of navigation solutions (devices and software) based on Naviteq map.

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