NAVITEQ builds full geospatial database for the territory of Bulgaria. The geodatabase that consist of road and street network with navigation data; railroad and hydrographic networks; state and administrative boundaries; settlements, addresses and POI, is the core of NAVITEQ digital map of Bulgaria.

To gather the fullest and most accurate geospatial data for Bulgaria we have created a specialized department that constantly expands the NAVITEQ Geo Data base – both in breadth of geographic coverage, and depth of attributes.

Base map data from satellite images and aerial photos is complemented from two sources:
-    mobile laboratory equipped with the latest spherical camera and precise GPS receiver, constantly collecting data from the Bulgarian road and street network
-    field teams gathering and updating street, address, building and POI data in population centresmore

NAVITEQ is a partner of Mapscape – one of the world’s leading digital map service providers – in geo data quality improvement and pre-release testing.

Cooperation with Mapscape ensures compliance with the international GDF format, which specifies standard features, attributes and relationships between geospatial data.
It also facilitates application in automotive navigation systems, and transport and traffic applications such as fleet management and logistics.    


Street network is covered for 61.53% оf the population fully attributed. The Interconnecting Network and the Major Road Network are available for 100% of the population.

NAVITEQ Geo Data provides a full digital map of Bulgaria, distributed in layers with information on:
  • settlements;
  • addresses;
  • national road network;
  • municipal street network;
  • hydrographic network;
  • administrative boundaries;
  • green areas;
  • Points of Interest (POIs)
NAVITEQ Geo Data can be integrated in almost any system or application that requires geographic information for Bulgaria.

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