NAVITEQ operates its own GNSS reference network of basic stations, the first in Bulgaria. The GNSS stations continuously receive signals from the satellite systems GPS and GLONASS. The data from these observations are processed in a control centre and delivered to end users through NAVITEQ GNSS services. The services find application in professional fields such as geodesy, cadastre, construction, designing, GIS, utility, communications etc.

Precise GPS positioning that saves funds and time…

Centimeter accuracy

Productivity benefits – shorten the time for taking field measurements

Economic efficiency – save funds for expensive equipment

Technical support 24/7

Training and consultation

From its establishment till this moment NAVITEQ implements innovative GPS technologies and maintains own GNSS network.
The network constantly receives and observes signals form the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems.

The project started in 2005 with the installation of 4 GNSS stations in West Bulgaria.

Now the stations are 20. By end-2010 active GNSS stations will cover the whole country. 

NAVITEQ develops and maintains its own network of permanent GNSS stations, the first in Bulgaria. The network receives and processes data from the satellite systems GPS and GLONASS.

Based on these data, NAVITEQ offers professional GNSS services that serve the end users. The network implements a modern technology for precise position determination.

NAVITEQ GNSS services facilitate everyday survey work and improve the quality of the results. The services can be used in real time as well as for data post processing.

NAVITEQ GNSS services find application in a number of professional fields such as:
  • Geodesy
  • Cadastre
  • Construction work
  • Designing
  • Communication
  • Construction and maintenance of power supply networks
  • Logistics
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Agricultural territories management
  • Utility etc.

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